Chicano Park

In many ways Chicano Park is like any other park. It’s where families gather to have a picnic. 
Unlike other parks, Chicano Park displays on its huge pillars, one of the largest assemblages 
of public murals in North America. 
These awe inspiring murals are giant mirrors of Chicano history.
My friends and I had always wondered about it, but never stopped to walk around and admire.
So we set off on a little field trip!

It is bright and beautiful and AMAZING!  Everywhere you look is amazing art.

The creation of Chicano Park in the spring of 1970 was a defining moment in Chicano history 
and in the history of Barrio Logan.  It has since been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Many of the murals are now being restored and refreshed so it really is beautiful — everywhere you look!

CLICK HERE to see a follow up blog and meet the artist –it’s pretty exciting…!

“There are the meditative moments in Chicano Park – when the din of the traffic evaporates and you’re alone facing the monoliths of history – prisms reflecting our lives, our history, and our struggle.

It’s our church, where we reflect on the spirit of those who struggled to create and preserve the Park.

It is our school, where we learn our story – our history written, 
painted and told by us for generations to come.

It’s also during these contemplative moments when Chicano Park becomes the paramount icon of our Raza’s aspiration to control something meaningful in our lives – Chicano Park symbolizes our sacred right to self-determination.”

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