Puppies! San Diego Puppy, Dog, Cat and Kitten Pet Photographer

On New Year’s day I made a 2014 Bucket list. 
Well, not really a bucket list, more of a wish list.
One of the items on my list was to photograph a litter of puppies.

Well, I happened to mention that to a friend and she matched me up with nine of the 
cutest little Husky/German Shepherd puppies you ever did see!

They were SO active and happy and had so much fun exploring….everything!

And after about an hour of playing, they started to get a little sleepy and one by one they laid down….

And took a puppy sized nap.

Some of the other things on my 2014 Photography Wish List:
Photograph a litter of kittens
photograph a Quinceañera
A Bar and Bat Mitzvah
A marriage proposal…..
Those are just a few, I’ll keep you posted on the rest!

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