Penasquitos Lutheran Church: The coolest Pastors and Staff on the face of the earth!

Well……Ta DAAAAA…..there’s the ENTIRE staff of Penasquitos Lutheran Church. 
Last month I was asked to capture a head shot of each one of 
our amazing staff members to be posted on our new website 
as well as some group portraits for the church Christmas card.

And maybe we had some fun too????????

Yep.  Just maybe…..

Feeling lucky and blessed to have the coolest pastors and staff on the face of the earth.

PLC is a family-friendly, music-loving place; casual in style but serious about faith. 
Questions are welcomed…and so are you!
And I’d love to invite you to come worship with us on Sunday and see what you think.
(And I can pretty much guarantee that Pastor Sean promises not to sit on you!)  
HERE is our website with directions, services, etc.  
And if you let me know when you are coming I’ll meet you at the door, help your kiddos find their Sunday School teacher and we can sit together….

From our Website:
Our Vision for the Future…

PLC (Penasquitos Lutheran Church) is where 2000 people worship every week. We have a reputation in the community for joyful services where God’s presence is felt and lives are transformed through the power of the Gospel. We’re known for our life-changing Bible-based education programs for all ages. It is obvious that here the Great Commandment and Great Commission are taught and practiced. Here families are strengthened, individuals are nurtured and children are our most precious resource.

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