G Family fun and a few stunts…..

The G Family was referred by Tracy (THANK YOU) and I love, love referrals because 
nice people always have nice friends – so it’s guaranteed they will be awesome.

And they were AWEWSOME!
I asked the kids to think about a stunt they might do later in the session that I could capture, 
so we all had a surprise stunt to look forward to. (And now you can look forward to it too)

We also had fun climbing on the train — don’t you just love this one of the kids?

Yep.  We had some fun all right….

And let me give you something to consider….
….years from now do you think the kids and mom and dad will look back on these portraits 
and remember the time with a big ole smile?
I’m thinkin’ yes.
**And when I think back to some of my own family’s past trips to a studio portrait studio:
Where we were usually told they were running late so we had to wait in line,
And where we were rushed through in 10 minutes with 5 poses.
I could just about scream….
But instead the G Family got to CHEER!
And I did promise you some stunts, right?
How about leaping the creek in a single bound?  
And climbing a tree and then JUMPING off?

Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.
Eileen Caddy

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