Hollywood Forever: The Peacocks

I hope you tuned in yesterday to see some of the amazing Hollywood Forever cemetery.

As promised, we’re back today to show you some of the amazing things living there….PEACOCKS!

They wander around the grounds freely, enjoying the sunshine and showing off for the PEA HENS

Of course they save their feathers and keep them tucked in until they see a cute lady walk by.  Then they puff up and actually vibrate – just to make sure they are noticed.

If you are in the Hollywood area – it’s an interesting place to spend an hour…no matter if you are there for the living or to honor the departed.

And you might be interested in their movie nights!  HERE  (Bring a blanket, some snacks and a friend to enjoy a outdoor movie – all summer long.)

Peafowl are best known for the male’s extravagant display feathers which, despite actually growing from their back, are thought of as a tail. The colors result not from any green or blue pigments but from the micro-structure of the feathers and the resulting optical phenomena.   The long train feathers (and tarsal spurs) of the male develop only after the second year of life. 

Peafowl produce loud calls especially in the breeding season. Peafowl roost in groups during the night on tall trees but may sometimes make use of rocks.

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