Hollywood Forever Cemetery: A Road Trip Divas Fieldtrip

ROAD TRIP!My friends and I were in Los Angeles on a little day trip and decided to add a bit of sightseeing into our adventure.
So we stopped for a visit at the famous:Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
Founded in 1899, it’s where Hollywood luminaries such as Cecil B. Demille, Jayne Mansfield and  Rudolph Valentino are interred.
As befitting their larger than life status, their graves often have more than a touch of the dramatic.

There are many unique markers, mausoleums and such, but one of the most elaborate is that of father and son acting duo, Douglas Fairbanks Sr and Jr.

With a long reflecting pool populated by ducks and geese (!) resting on a lush, green lawn, and a crypt surrounded by marble walls, it feels more like the memorial to a dead president or king. 

From the famous Mr. Blackwell to the cast from Gone With The Wind, it’s like a trip down memory lane…
And the stained glass windows are amazing……..

Hollywood Forever is a cemetery unlike any other in the world.

One of the world’s most fascinating landmarks, Hollywood Forever Cemetery is the final resting place to more of Hollywood’s founders and stars than anywhere else on earth.

Founded in 1899, the cemetery was an integral part of the growth of early Hollywood.

The cemetery of choice for most of the founders of Hollywood’s great studios, as well as writers, directors, and, performers, Hollywood Forever Cemetery is now listed on the National Register of Historic Sites.

Visitors come from all over the world to pay respects to Johnny Ramone, Cecil B. DeMille, Jayne Mansfield, Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, and hundreds more of Hollywood’s greatest stars.

There are also some amazing things living there….PEACOCKS!

They wander around the grounds freely, enjoying the sunshine and showing off for the PEA HENS

If you are in the Hollywood area – it’s an interesting place to spend an hour…no matter if you are there for the living or to honor the departed.

And you might be interested in their movie nights!  HERE  (Bring a blanket, some snacks and a friend to enjoy a outdoor movie – all summer long.)



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