Evolution of a sunset Part III San Diego Beach Photographer

First of all, a little advice.

When you are choosing art for your home – THINK BIG!  Did you know that 8×10 and smaller sized prints are really best on easels in a table top display?

Check out the little example below – let your art make a statement, not get lost on a huge wall.

As a rough guide, the art (or the art grouping) you choose to hang above the fireplace, dining room table or sofa should be at least 2/3 the size of the object it’s hanging over.    

So if your mantel is 48″ wide then the art display that you place above it should be at least 32″ wide. This could be achieved using just one piece of art or several.

And your portraits are ART!    Print them!   Display them!     Enjoy them!

Okay, back to the Evolution of a Sunset
You may remember that I’ve been trying to capture the perfect and amazing beach photograph
 to frame in my living room.
I made a few attempts so far (one of them was detailed HERE)- all were beautiful, but not AMAZING
Fortunately then one evening last month, as I finished a family portrait session at one of my favorite beaches, 
I had an inkling that THIS would be the night!
So I hung around and kept an eye on the sunset.  I first captured THIS:

But then the colors deepened just a bit more and the angle of the sun brightened the ocean surface just a bit….

And quick as a flash it was gone….

But I GOT IT!   Yay!  Finally the perfect beach portrait for my living room!

So, would you like to see what it looks like printed on 30″x40″ canvas?

(And in case you are wondering, I chose to have it printed on canvas so I wouldn’t have ugly ole glare on a glass covered photograph.  I’m a huge fan of printing portraits on canvas)

And I’ll show you one more portrait I captured while I was waiting for the perfect sunset (in honor of my wedding anniversary…)

How to choose art for your home:
Match the color scheme: The first step in choosing your canvas wall art is to really know your color scheme. The basic rule of thumb is to choose an art piece that will match your room without detracting from any of the design elements that are in it. If you find that your design style is filled with cool sleek lines and neutral colors, then a canvas wall art that adds a touch of color to a room is the perfect selection. If your room is filled with color then a simple canvas wall art that has minimal color will provide a nice break in the room. (This is why I suggest clothing worn in your portrait should somewhat coordinate with the room you plan to hang your portraits.)
Match the wall: The area where you will be hanging the artwork is an important part to choosing your canvas wall art. First, take a tape measure and get the dimension of the space that needs the artwork. Once you have those dimensions, you will have a better idea of what you would like in a piece. 
Make sure that the canvas wall art matches the size of the wall. One of the worst things that can happen is to purchase a piece that is too big or even too small. For the former, it may not fit, and for the latter, it may appear out of place in the room, as though the wall art is just floating there in the middle of lost wall space. 

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