Around the World Potluck: Jamaica

Time for a little island vacation – we’re headed to Jamaica for dinner!

Lisa brought an amazing shrimp appetizer (Recipe HERE)

Then it was time to sit down to a magnificent dinner!

Rice and Peas (that’s the title of the yummy dish the other Lisa brought – but it’s really rice and beans-apparently they have a good sense of humor when it comes to food…..)

Then it was Wendy’s Jamaican Potato Salad (with regular potatoes AND sweet potatoes, along with cilantro, peanuts, corn, etc – super delish!)

Robin prepared an amazing Grilled Sweet Potato, banana and coconut side dish – so good!  HERE

I made Jamaican Coco Bread – and again a tricky title, no coco or coconut here!  (Details tomorrow)

And for our main dish, Betsy served jerk chicken with a fresh mango salsa…so perfect I’ll definitely be making that again.

For dessert (yes, we all had just a little more room for dessert!)

Jamaican Banana Bread and coconut macadamia ice cream.  Bread Recipe HERE

Jamaican Proverbs:

Han’ go, paki come.

When you reach out a hand good things come back to you

Haad iyaz pick’ni bu’n a sun hot.

Children (or anyone) who don’t hear, (don’t take good advice)(hard ears) will encounter great hardship in life.

Chicken deh merry, Hawk deh near.

Where there is too much merriment and excitement, danger lurks near.

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