Watson Family Homecoming: Daddy is HERE! San Diego Homecoming Photographer

Well, we’ve been waiting for about an hour for the soldiers’ arrival.

Then finally dad sees his family!

Let the hugging begin!   (And can you see how it’s so wonderful to have a dedicated homecoming photographer?  Otherwise how would you capture these memories?)

As the family is reuniting, I always stand back a few feet and just quietly “capture.”  They forget I’m there – which is exactly what I want.

Devin met her daddy for the first time and from the looks of things, they both immediately fell in love!

There’s a happy papa!

Then there’s a bit of time for a proper welcome home hug between mom and dad.

Sorta seems like time stands still for them, doesn’t it?

And I don’t know what it is, but I can FEEL the depth of their love — is it me or do you feel it too?

At last.  The Watson Family is back together!

How sweet a thing it is to love—
And to be loved again.
~ Henry Howard Brownell ~

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