Cast Photos for Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat: Theatre and Head Shot Photographer

I love doing things for my church.  So of course when they asked me to take cast photos for their new production, I said YES!

We started with a classic head shot of each actor for display in the program and in the lobby.

Then we also took photos of the actors in their little on stage ‘families.’

First up was a WHOLE CAST photo!

Then Jacob and his 12 sons…

And then with his wives….

The Band!

The dancing girls…

And the narrators…


And let’s not forget….


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. The story is based on the “coat of many colors” story of Joseph from the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Genesis.

The show has very little spoken dialogue; it is almost completely sung-through. Its family-friendly storyline, universal themes and catchy music have resulted in numerous productions.

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