Coronado Island Wedding Planning

In case you looked at that title and are wondering if I am now a wedding planner, the answer is no.

The wedding planning that I was doing on Coronado Island was the “checkin’ things out” kind of planning.

Let me back up.  I got a call from Katy wondering if I was available to photograph her wedding this summer.

Turns out I was available that day, so we started chatting about her plans and I found out her wedding was going to be at Bay View Park on Coronado Island.

So I just had to zip over there to check things out — you know —

Do some wedding planning!

Well, while we were on the island – we drove around a bit just enjoying all the beautiful houses.

Here are some of my favs……..

Sweet isn’t it?

Grand, isn’t it?

Magnificent, isn’t it?

Quaint, isn’t it?

Coronado Island is one of the most amazing and beautiful places in the world to live and own a home. Currently in the Coronado Real Estate market there a total of 212 homes for sale ranging from $999K to $17.5 million. The average home price is $1,944,0909. This is a difference of -13.8% from this time last year. This offers potential buyers a great opportunity. Coronado Real Estate Blog

[SO if you are thinking about moving, head over there!)

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