A Family: San Diego Poway Family, Child and Baby Outdoor Photographer

What a gorgeous family! And not only gorgeous – they are sweet and nice to be around.   And did I mention funny?

Yep. that too.

It was a whole package of delightfulness!

So of course we had a wonderful time together!

The daughters and husbands and grandkids had flown in from all over

Including England!  I’ve never had anyone venture that far for a portrait session with little ole me! 

…Unless….do you think that just maybe they weren’t ONLY here for me….?


Well, either way, we met at Old Poway Park and captured some memories!

I think it’s important to capture some fun as well as a some posed portraits – because last time I checked families don’t spend their days standing around looking posed……..

We also had plenty of time for individual families, couples and kiddies!

I had to move over behind the kids on this next one because the whole group was so darn cute tryin’ to get the kiddies to laugh!

Just as we were capturing the beautiful daughters….

We were interrupted by the cutest little guy chuggin’ down the tracks!

Does it make YOU want to smile when you see how much fun the A family was having?

Click HERE to view their slide show!

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family. Thomas Jefferson

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