LA China Town: Foo Chow’s

Well, the first thing we HAD to do was eat lunch – we were starved. We asked a shopkeeper for his recommendation and ended up at Foo Chows.

Turns out that part of the movie, Rush Hour with Jackie Chan was filmed there.

You might be wondering HOW we figured that out????

Well it involved some very IN DEPTH detective work!

It was cute and clean and the food was DELISH.

We started with Egg Drop Soup

Then enjoyed Shrimp and pea pods,

Almond chicken and sweet and sour chicken.  With rice, tea and fortune cookies, we were STUFFED!

Had to share the photo on the wall:

Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings

Here are some really funny sayings from fortune cookies:

* A closed mouth gathers no feet.
* A conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking.
* Flattery will go far tonight.
* He who laughs at himself never runs out of things to laugh at.
* Some men dream of fortunes, others dream of cookies.
* The greatest danger could be your stupidity.
* The world may be your oyster, but it doesn’t mean you’ll get its pearl.
* You will be hungry again in one hour.
* You can always find happiness at work on Friday.
* Confucius say: if you think you’re going to sum up your whole life on this little bit of paper, you’re crazy.

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