Photowalk: Follow Me, I know where to go!”

Remember sniping? 


Allow me to refresh you:    A ‘sniper’ is defined as a highly trained marksman with a high precision rifle who shoots targets from concealed positions.

Okay -now take out the HIGH PRECISION RIFLE and substitute CAMERA and you have created a
“Sniper Photographer”

We talked about it HERE

Well, as we were walking around the Wild Animal Park I saw THIS:

OH.   MY.  GOSH!

Is he just about the cutest thing you ever did see?

I asked his dad if I could follow him a bit and he said yes…

So I followed a bit,

Ran ahead a bit….

And captured what I think are really cute shots of this little fellow.

Then his dad stopped him and asked him to look at me and smile:

(I actually like the non-looking, non-smiling shots better!)

So here’s my photo tip for the day :  Cute, memorable shots don’t HAVE to have the subject looking at you and smiling…..

And just a note, I gave his daddy my business card and told him to contact me and I would send him these pics, but I haven’t heard from him yet… if you see him, remind him for me, okay?

“The best photographs of children are those when a kid is acting like a kid. To capture that and all the emotions that go with it, you need to be an unobtrusive as possible. Use a telephoto lens so you can have some real distance between you and the child. This will help the child tune you out and do whatever he or she does best, whether it’s play, dream, run around, make up stories. Capture that.”

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