Jenny’s Shower

You’ve met my dear friend Wendy many times – from hiking to book club to wacky adventures we are always doing something fun!

Well this time it was her lovely daughter’s Bridal Shower!

We met at a wonderful restaurant in the Liberty Station area of San Diego.

SO beautiful!

And SO delicious!

The restaurant has one table in the middle of their glass sided wine cellar – how fun is that?

We had a lovely buffet of pizza, salad and pasta – YUM!

There were lots of heartfelt toasts and well wishes as Jenny takes a step into a new life….

And did I mention I’ve been given the pleasure of photographing her wedding?


Stay tuned for that!

And dessert – you KNOW I couldn’t skip dessert!~

“The executive chef-owner of Solare, brought his love and passion from Milan, Italy.  Solare blends traditional Italian cuisine to more contemporary unique dishes.  Each dish is prepared from scratch with love and passion to satisfy our customer’s heart and soul.”
If you want to check out the restaurant, click HERE

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