Comic Con: The Features

Hard to exactly describe all the things going on at the world’s largest comic convention.

Here’s my abbreviated guide book:

Lots of cute displays so people take photos and share them with their friends (this means FREE ADVERTISING!)

(See all you guys just got an advertisement for Lego and Toy Story 3!)

Lots of TV Crews covering the event:

Grand, BIG, beautiful, eye catching displays EVERYWHERE:

Things to entice you to visit each booth.

Sometimes a freebie, sometimes a game, sometimes a show….

(LOVE this wacom tablet!  Just draw right on the screen! And is this lady talented or what?  She whippped out that cute doggie in about 2 minutes!)

How about a computer game with live action on all three monitors?  (Geez, if Matt had this, he’d never stop playing!)


Lots of movie and TV stars come to Comic Con —

So I grabbed my paparazzi hat as for a quick pic for you.  (No expense spared for you, my dear readers…)

Here he is:

In case you didn’t recognize him,  this was Will Farrell being whisked away.
See I showed you a movie star today!

What should you not miss at Comic Con 2009 San Diego? Well, unfortunately, you will miss a lot. The con is huge and does not last very long, so chances are you will miss some.

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