Comic Con: The Craziness

I think CRAZINESS pretty much sums up the whole day for me.

A FUN craziness, but still craziness!

From transformers,

To Storm Troopers pushing baby carriages…

To things I’ve never seen before (and never hope to meet in a dark alley!)

Yep – lots of craziness!

But my favorite crazy thing?

The car from Ghost Busters

Cool, Huh?

Hot Wheels was selling a little mini-Ghost Buster car. And if the line hadn’t been an hour long, and the if the price hadn’t been $20, I might have bought me one of these little cuties….

We also got a big chuckle on this:

Wonder Woman’s invisible jet.

(The plastic packaging is shaped like there should be a little invisible jet in there, and the package is weighted so it doesn’t feel empty – we just cracked up at this!)

This week at Comic-Con 2010 Mattel debuted their new Hot Wheels Wonder Woman Invisible Jet. It was originally an April Fool’s prank, but there was such a demand by fans that they are actually made it into a real product.

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