Los Angeles – Garment District

Every now and then one of my friends yells, “ROAD TRIP!”
and we get all excited!  

(Okay we don’t really YELL, we have a chat, or an email — whatever the source we STILL get all excited!)

This ROAD TRIP was yelled by Wendy.  We went up to the Los Angeles garment district to look at fabric.

And OH BOY did we find fabric!

Did I tell you Wendy is planning her daughter’s wedding?  Yep.

Remember them from their engagement session HERE?

So we roamed around looking for wedding tulle and ribbon, and ocassionally stopped just to admire the fabrics.  (Wouldn’t you love some jammies in that soft polka dot fleece?)

Or maybe you need some thread?  (Sold in spools that would enable you to sew to the moon and back?  Twice!)

Or how about a few feather boas?   Don’t yout think they make Wendy look FABULOUSLY GLAMOROUS?

Oooh la la!

We wandered around in a daze admiring all the heavily embellished fabrics …

How about feathers, embroidery and beads?  ON THE SAME FABRIC?   

I can tell you now there ain’t nuthin’ like this in my closet!

We strolled through store after store (just blocks of this!) the inventory is just MIND BOGGLING!

“Hi, I’d like to purchase enough ribbon to make bow ties for the presidents of Mt. Rushmore?”  
Clerk:  “No Problem and that will cost $12.00”

It was a fabulous adventure!  When we found the fabric and ribbon we were looking for, we wandered to the next street to check out the FLOWER district –so tune in tomorrow as we continue our ROAD TRIP!

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”  ~St. Augustine

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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