Los Angeles – Flower District

Well, if you tuned in yesterday, you know we are on a ROAD TRIP in Los Angeles.  (About a two hour drive from San Diego)

After touring the fabric district, we had a tasty lunch and then ventured a bit further to see the flower district.

And guess what?

The place is filled with flowers!

Bunches of flowers, single stems of flowers,  flower arrangements, plants….you name it!

I wish you could smell how heavenly all these flowers scented the air!

They made arrangements and also sold wholesale stock to area florists.

I think if you needed flowers for an event – this would be the place to go!

This next one was my favorite arrangement of all.

It was almost 24 inches tall and they were selling it for $20.  (I’m quite sure that you would pay 3 times that much at a florist!)

Wouldn’t this be a glorious centerpiece at a wedding reception?  The flowers stood 24  inches from the table top so it couldn’t interfere with the table conversation…

Everywhere we looked — BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS!

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.”  Lady Bird Johnson

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