Cropping is for the Birds

Your cropping tool can work MAGIC on a photo!

That first photo actually started life as the photo below:

What a difference, huh?

Make sure you have your camera set on its highest quality so that when you do MAJOR cropping (like these) you still have a good quality.  (Otherwise you will have pixilation and blurry images)

This next shot is the straight out of the camera version of photo #3:

Here are some basic tips about cropping:

1.  Be RUTHLESS!  Most people leave too much empty space around their subject.  Cropping lets you really highlight the main subject.  (Remember you can always choose “UNDO” if you don’t like the crop!)

2.  Cropping lets you eliminate distracting elements (Like the fence posts in photo #1????)

3.  Cropping lets you get the main subject out of the center and put it in a more pleasing spot (Remember our Rule of Thirds?  Click here for a refresher:  HERE

And one more example – what a difference, huh?

And lastly just to leave this post on a refined, sophisticated note,  here’s one final fine art piece I’m calling:

“Bird Butt”  (and yes, it was cropped too!)

If you are looking for some entry level software to get you started in basic photo editing I have a copy of PhotoShop Elements 6.0 I’m going to give away today!  Just leave a comment here within the next week.  Mention that you’d like to have it and I’ll do a real-official-like drawing to find the winner!

“Cropping tips: Be creative and take chances” New York Institute of Photography

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