Corvette Diner

Okay, before this blog is over today you will witness:

1.  Bad Photography
2.  A Crime

Hubby and I decided to try a different restaurant – you know one outside the “ole USUALS?”

So we stopped in at the Corvette Diner.

If you haven’t already noticed it has a fifties theme – with great decor, wild and crazy employees, a DJ playing loud music and great food!

There are several different areas in the restaurant – it is a popular place for birthday parties and family gatherings.  They also have a huge arcade area for fun times while you wait.

Okay, here comes some bad photography….

Bear with me here – I used my point n shoot in a darkish room to capture movement for crying out loud!  

SO let’s see…..what do expect from this here blog…..?  Perfect photography?  Or interesting things to see/learn/share?

Is it wrong that sometimes I just want to SHOW YOU  something — do we have to have GREAT photography every stinkin’ day?  

Are you with me here?


Tap, tap….is this thing on?

ahem…back to our regularly scheduled blog:

Okay – back to bad photography:

Every now and then the wait-staff breaks into song and dance!

Notice the trendy uniforms and hair?

Did I mention BIG hair?

REALLY big hair…?

Yep – I bet it’s a great place to work!

But back to our dinner.  I thought I would show you the delicious things we ordered.  Mike had a gigantic hamburger and I had the shrimp platter.

Now GET READY because you are about to see the CRIME I mentioned earlier:

I hope you are as outraged as I am!  (Can you believe I didn’t notice that until I downloaded the photos?)

Sheesh…is nothing sacred anymore?


Let’s raise our glass in a toast to bad photography and criminals, shall we?

With a made to order malt in those glasses?

Okay – for our quote today, I started off on a lark by Googling “French Fry Thief”

And for crying out loud, would you believe I got a hit?

So here’s the news article from Vancouver, British Columbia on June 23, 2009:

Naked French Fry Thief

Police search for naked french fry thief
Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:01pm EDT

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) – Canadian police were on the search on Monday for a brazen thief who snatched a take-away meal while making a naked run past a fast food restaurant’s drive-though window.

An employee of a Langley, British Columbia, Wendy’s restaurant was handing food to a customer waiting in her car when a naked man ran between them, taking off with her fries, and leaving little evidence behind, according to police.

“Other than an age range, neither woman could provide further description,” police said in a press release.

The man, believed to be in his 20s, jumped into a waiting van, which sped away from the scene during the weekend incident, police said. 

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