Polar Bear Plunge!

Went for a nice hike around the zoo looking for a geocache.

Along the way we stopped to enjoy a few of our favorite animals….today the polar bears were having a winter time BLAST!

The game they were playing involved trying to push the floating disk under the water,
 then watching to see it pop back up!

In between the swimming and playing with their toy,.

They stopped to check us out through the window….

Took all these photos with my little point and shoot and I have to say it did a pretty darn good job especially considering these were all shot through glass!

(I’m pretty sure he was chuckling over his toy that had just popped up –
can’t you SEE the amusement in his face?

So cute to see that little polar bear bum sittin’ on the bottom of the pool!

“The Arctic’s climate is changing, with a noticeable warming trend that is affecting polar bears. The region is experiencing the warmest air temperatures in four centuries. Last summer, sea ice loss in the Arctic was equal to an area the size of Alaska, Texas, and the state of Washington combined.
Scientists predict a mostly ice-free Arctic summer by 2040 if present trends continue.  Polar bears depend on a frozen platform from which to hunt seals, the mainstay of their diet. Without ice, the bears are unable to reach their prey.”  Polar Bear International


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