200,000 lights

We stumbled upon this amazing house one evening in Phoenix.

We just had to park the car and take a look!

And as it turned out, THAT is exactly what you are supposed to do!

The whole front yard, side yard, garage, porch and all the windows are set up for people to walk right up.

This display is in the garage window:

And this is in the kitchen window:

There’s a little self serve hot chocolate area:

And some chairs and a cozy fire if you want to stop and rest for a bit….

The dog walks around the property greeting people and spreading holiday cheer….

In the weeks before Christmas, Santa is there to talk to children…. (course he’s at the North Pole relaxing with his feet up these days….)

Here’s a quick little video that shows all the lights twinkling and the doggy out greeting folks:

If you are interested in more info,  HERE is a nice little TV News article about this amazing house and the amazing people who have given this gift to the people of Phoenix for the past 30 years!  

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill

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