The Jazz Cafe

We spent a marvelous evening listening to some incredible jazz at the local Jazz Cafe.

But hold on a second:

This wasn’t your normal, everyday Jazz Cafe….

This Jazz Cafe was really the transformed the high school multi purpose room!

We hung over 400 feet of Christmas lights around the room and put candle-lit centerpieces on each table – then we turned off all the ugly florescent lights….

Talk about amazing atmosphere!

Then we added in amazing music…..

And for the final touch, let’s add in the “Cafe” part.

We asked the musicians to each donate a dessert and we provided coffee, tea 
and hot chocolate.

The evening was perfect!

(Well, except for the part where we were expecting 100 people and ended up with 440! But 
thankfully we had enough of everything – so the evening was a huge success!)

(And can I just mention that if you want to challenge yourself as a photographer, try taking photos across a practically dark gymnasium — wow!)

And at the end of the evening, the adoring fans gave the Jazz Band a standing ovation!

Jazz washes away the dust of every day life.—Art Blakey  
Jazz is… One of life’s greatest gifts: fun found within surprise.-Author Unknown  
Jazz is… An open-ended music designed for open minds.—Author Unknown

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