Jungle Bells

The San Diego Zoo is hosting “Jungle Bells” this December. It’s a chance to stroll around after dark admiring the many light displays….

And the animals. (The elephants were enjoying their heat lamps.)  

  And they had a little pile of snow to play with! (Maybe the ones near the heat lamps were 
warming up after their snow play? Maybe their mom had some hot cocoa waiting for them too?)  

There was ice skating.

Only there wasn’t any ice.
What? Yep let me repeat that: “There was ice skating without any ice”
It was PLASTIC ice.
Weird, huh? Basically it looked exactly like a plastic chopping block I have in my kitchen…?
I guess you don’t have a cold, wet bottom if you fall though…. 

Set up the ole timer on the camera for a quick shot of my honey and I…this was the first year Matt didn’t go with us…..boo hoo


The flamingos were enjoying the chilly night air….

And this was rather unusual. This lady used a chainsaw and blow torch to carve and ice block..

It was interesting….


A few tips when taking photos of Christmas lights:
Watch your white balance. (Use tungsten if you have that setting; I use a low Kelvin) A tripod or a beanbag is just about a MUST. Ideally you’ll wnat to have the shutter open for at least a second – or maybe longer. Unless you have arms of steel, a crisp photo requires camera support. Put some sky in it – it really adds to the photo. Expose for the sky and then start taking test shots. (Come on folks, digital photos are cheap – take a lot and delete later) Have fun!

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