With a TWIST!

Lisa’s adorable kids came over for a visit so we opened up our game cupboard and asked them to pick something for the gang to play.

They picked Twister!


Matt decided he would participate only by being in charge of the spinner…..
(teenagers, sheesh!)


But CJ and Katie threw themselves into the game! (literally!)

Turns out that Rocket was one of the best players (he came in 3rd!)

…who knew poodles liked Twister?



The kids were good sports and didn’t mind me taking a few TWISTED photos!

Course you know that I always like to leave you with an interesting quote as sort of a reward for suffering through the whole blog….

Well, while researching “Twister” I found an interesting story and photo, so I will end today’s blog with that.

“Milton Bradley’s competitors accused them of selling “sex in a box” when they released Twister in 1966. Twister was the first game in history to use the human body as a full-fledged playing piece, and, admittedly, the Milton Bradley Company released the game with a fair amount of hesitation. Consumers didn’t “get it” when it first appeared on store shelves and some retailers refused to even stock it.

The company’s fear of public criticism and its own skepticism about its potential for success were obliterated when Johnny Carson demonstrated the game on the “Tonight Show”. And it didn’t hurt matters that Eva Gabor, wearing a low-cut gown, was one of Johnny’s guests that night. With Eva splayed out on all fours on the polkadot vinyl mat, Johnny twirled the spinner and took his turn. When he climbed on top of Eva, the studio audience went into hysterics, screaming and laughing. Milton Bradley executives knew immediatly they had a huge hit on their hands. More than three million copies of Twisters were sold during its first year of release. “

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