I asked Mr. Google to help me decide what to do with all that lavender that we dried yesterday.

Guess what he came up with?

A crafty little idea by the Queen of Crafty Ideas, Martha Stewart herself!

Envelope Sachets!

I’ve never made “REAL” sachets since I’m not a sewer (my machine is used strictly for a quick repair or to sew on a Boy Scout patch!)

But an envelope? Even I can handle that!

Martha included two cute little patterns for us to print –HERE.

Just get yourself some envelopes (I found these cute little ones at Michaels in the dollar bin.)

Then use a paper piercer or T-pin, and a foamy sort of mat so you don’t harm your table top.

Then get poking!

Poke, Poke
And then, Ta DAAAAA

Your beautiful sachet is now ready to stuff with wonderfully scented lavender (or maybe dried rose petals?)

Ahhhh….such a wonderful scent!

“Sweet Sweet Lavender –

Lavender is known to provide relaxation and melts stress away.

Lavender is a spiritual pickup and chases away depression.
Lavender enhances romatic and physical desire.

Lavender has been shown to ease symptoms of insomnia, irritability, tension, fatigue, anxiety, sunburn, acne, sore throats, colds, flu, menstual pain, and indigestion.

Lavender kills bacterial germs in the air and freshens the air naturally, which is why it is often found in air purifiers.

We use it in our furnace filter and return vents to freshen the whole house. Works great in autos also.

Use lavender flowers in place of other carpet fresheners. It delivers a fresh scent and dust mites hate it!

Lavender in your basement or crawlspace deters insects, and live lavender planted around your home, patio, and garden helps keep away critters.”

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