The lavender plants in my garden were in definite need of a trim…. but before I took out my ole pruning sheers, I did a little research and discovered that it is easy to dry and preserve lavender.

So- here we go:

1) Cut a bundle of lavender from your plant. When you cut each blossom, be sure to leave a few inches of green growth on the plant.

2) When you have enough blossoms to fill your hand, wrap a rubber band around the bottom of the bundle.

3) Let’s pretend we’re characters in an 1800’s romance novel or something and add a ribbon too!

4) Hang the lavender bundle upsidedown in a dry, dark place. The darkness helps the lavender retain its color, and drying it upsidedown helps lavender retain its blossom shape.

5) Let the lavender dry for about a week until there is no moisture remaining on the stems in the center of the bundle.

Now, you can just let the gorgeous little bouquet hang around, or you can pull the little blossoms (petals? buds? what the heck are those anyway?)off the stems and then DO SOMETHING with them.

Tune in tomorrow to see what I decided….

“Lavender is a beautiful herb that is well known and used all over the world. It is known for its gentle fragrance and many useful qualities. It is grown in Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada. The latin word for lavender is “lavore” which means to wash”.

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