Just peachy


If you want a peachy treat that’s a little bit sweeter than yesterday’s…..

May I recommend peach cobbler?

Yummy and easier to make than a pie!

Start the whole thing off by slicing up those peaches, stirring in a bit of sugar and a tablespoon or so of flour for thickening…


Now – since I’m a quick n easy sort of cook, I’m going to do a little bit of cheating here.

I’m using Bisquick for the cobbler part.

(did I just hear you gasp, shriek, and fall on the floor? sorry)

Just so you know, this is only slightly cheating:

I AM still making it IN MY HOME so it counts as HOMEMADE!


Anyhoo….mix that up and spoon it over the peaches in a pretty little casserole dish (individual serving dishes are really cute too.)
(Okay, an ugly ole pie pan would work too, but sometimes prettiness is a good thing)


Now here’s the MOST important step in the whole darn process, so pay CLOSE attention….

Put those casserole dishes on a piece of foil on a cookie sheet.

Do not,

I repeat, DO NOT, just set them on the oven rack!

If you skip the foil step, plan on spending the rest of your afternoon cleaning burned on peachy-sugar-drippings off the bottom of your oven!

I KNOW THIS FROM EXPERIENCE! Trust me here, I’d never steer you wrong.




Now, quick, while it’s still warm, scoop up a big ole serving of that lusciousness…


And OF COURSE we must add a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream….



Oh YAH! THAT’s what I’m talkin about…..!

And now I think I might just head back in the kitchen to see if there’s just a bit leftover …

(mouth full: sheee yououu sommorrowwww…)


“An apple is an excellent thing — until you have tried a peach.”
George du Maurier

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