Miss Bella


Meet Bella.

Isn’t she the cutest?

You might remember her from HERE?

We are lucky enough to be babysitting her this week while Betsy is on safari in Maine.

(yes, I said ‘on safari in Maine’ – can’t wait to hear about that!)

This is Bella and THE PEAR.


The pear fell from our tree and Bella and Turbo spent two days arguing about who owned it.

They didn’t want to eat the pear, they just needed to hang on to it so the other doggy didn’t get it.

…and except for a few vampire teeth marks, that pear looked great even going in to day two!

Obviously, right now THE PEAR BELONGS TO BELLA!

Besides pear-guarding, Bella can do many other tricks….


Bella has mastered the art of sitting pretty!

Admit it, you just said, “awwwww…..”


Did I tell you that Bella was adopted from the Bichon Rescue Society? Yup.

(Until Betsy adopted Bella, I didn’t even know you could choose the breed you wanted, contact it’s rescue society and adopt exactly what kind of doggy fits your family best!)

So, think about choosing a rescue dog next time you want a new pet!

Now, if you tune in tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to Bella’s step-brother (we are also babysitting him)….and I bet you will be surprised, he’s a rather unique pet!

And lastly, is it just me, or does this next shot make you think: “youuuuuu are getting sleeeeeepppyyyyy and you waaaaannnt to getttt meeeee a boooooone…..”


“If you are looking for a friendship that is forever loyal, always humble, never criticizing, and constantly listening…. than get a dog.”

L.M. Hinds

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