A new toy…..

My sweet little hubby gave me a gift last week–A reflector!


No it’s not for a suntan (remember when we used to do that as teenagers?? Bet that makes a dermatologist cringe!)

This one is for photography…..


My kit has one Full-Stop Diffusion Panel, one Two-Stop Diffusion Panel and a reversible zippered cover of Silver / Gold / Sunlight / Black reflective surfaces.

Since I LOVE shooting with natural light, the reflector is perfect!

I needed a test subject…and my family came to the rescue!

This first shot was in open shade without the reflector.

Not too bad, I guess…..


But look how the reflector warms it up! (This was taken using the gold reflector)

With reflector:

Now- I obviously need some practice with the reflector and its placement – but how cool is that?

The silver surface provides cool tones to your subject while increasing specular highlights.

The gold surface adds warm tones onto your subject.

The black surface removes light and increases color saturation.


We also tried one of the grandkids and one of Grammy and Pop-pop….


Yay for the reflector!

BTW: I’ve read that you can use poster board to reflect sunlight too – so go give it a try!

Here’s a nice little video I found that further illustrates what this stuff can do:

“I used to love the darkness
But the sun is my new best friend
As soon as I embraced him
He put my misery to an end.”
~Abbe Yeux-verdi

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