The Oasis

The desert is hot, dry and vast. (did I mention hot? As in 115 degrees?)

We took a little drive to visit a natural oasis! (Yes, just like the ones in the cartoons)


This is the Thousand Palms Oasis.

It has shady paths, quiet pools and unique native vegetation. (And in the olden days it was a stagecoach stop as well!)

The oasis is cool and shady (well….by cool, I mean it was only 105 degrees instead of 115!) Lots of desert creatures use the oasis to keep cool and hydrated over the long summer.


Are you wondering why there is water in this particular area of the desert?

It’s because of the San Andreas fault.

(In case you didn’t know, the San Andreas fault is a crack in the Earth’s crust that runs hundreds of miles through most of California. Most of California’s earthquakes have occurred along this fault.)


This mountain is right on the edge of the fault. We know that the fault is there because the water is being forced up through the crevice in the desert floor AND because the other half of the mountain is 140 miles away!

(The earth’s movement has separated the 2 halves of the mountain, one side went north and the other side south!)


Okay – enough about desert and earthquakes!.

Weren’t we talking about an oasis?

Matt and Pop-pop found a different kind of oasis to keep cool and hydrated! 😉

“Too much good fortune can make you smug and unaware. Happiness should be like an oasis, the greener for the desert that surrounds it. ” Rachel Field

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