Pig Sitting

Okay – what popped in your head when you read today’s title?

(Were you thinkin you might see me sitting on a pig?)

Sorry to disappoint. (But read on, I do have an odd little picture of me in today’s post)

We are guinea pig babysitting for Lisa while she’s on vacation!

Get it? PIG SITTING….? (hee hee, ha ha, oh I just kill myself….)


Meet Vanilla.

Isn’t she just the CUTEST?

Look at that sweet little face!


Here she is dressed up a bit.


This is Vanilla’s pal, Oreo. (Don’t you just love how she has one white ear and one black?? Is that precious or what?)


We are having so much fun playing with these two precious lil critters, we are going to be sad when Lisa gets home from vacation and we have to give them back!


Let me show you who will be the MOST sad:


Turbo spent the whole week parked next to their cages on guard duty, snarling at Rocket if he walked by.

We don’t think Turbo was guarding them as in “protecting them….”

We think he considered them to be HIS DOGGY TREATS to eat later.


Okay – I promised to show you a self portrait.

Here it is:


Did you see me?

Okay, let me help:

Here’s that same photo, but this time I’ve enlarged his little eye:


(Sorry…I’m silly, I know….)

And to continue the silliness:

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