Geocache with a view

Wendy and I hiked up a mountain ( YAY!) in search of a geocache with a view.

Let me give you a brief description of Geocaching, in case you are new to this here blog….(If you already know how to geocache, skip the purple text.)

Geocaching is simply treasure hunting using a GPS and longitude/latitude coordinates (remember longitude and latitude from 5th grade geography?) There’s a website (GEOCACHING.COM) where you can enter your zip code and it will give you a list of treasures hidden in your town — and I can just about GUARANTEE there are some very close to your house! (There are over 700,000 world wide.)

So, you simply pick out the treasure, or ‘cache’ (pronounced ‘cash,’) that you want to find, enter the coordinates into your GPS and then go find it!

The GPS will give you directions with an electronic compass needle and will also count down how many more miles/feet you have until you reach the cache. So as you are hiking down a trail or walking down the sidewalk, you will eventually reach the general area. (The GPS will say to you, “Hey – the cache is 40 feet away in a northerly direction,” then a bit farther along it will say, “Hey – now the cache is 6 feet to the NW – go find it”) okay…it doesn’t really TALK but you know what I mean! (right? you do know what I mean, don’t you? Is this too confusing? Stop me now if it is….)

The tricky part is that once you reach the general location, you need to then find the “treasure box.” This box needs to be a little hard to find (otherwise strangers would stumble upon it and take it home or something, so we need to keep it SECRET… shhhhhh!)

The cache boxes themselves are different sized containers (from large buckets down to even smaller than a chapstick.) Some are camouflaged to make it REALLY hard to find and to add to the challenge. (Like maybe it’s inside a hollowed out rock or it could be painted to look like a log or a leaf, etc.)

When you find the cache, you sign the log book. Some caches also have little trinkets and prizes – you can trade for one if you want. Then you pack it all back inside the container and put it back in the exact same spot for the next guy to find. When you get back home, sign in on the geocaching website to post an entry stating that you found it! (The website will keep track of all your finds and it’s always fun to read through what other people have written.)

Now that we all know what we’re doing here, I thought I’d give you the chance to find it along with me. Study these photos carefully, let me know when you spot it…



Do you see it yet?




How many pictures did it take for you to find it?

The container is an old army ammunition can. It had some kiddie toys to trade for, but we just signed the log and headed back down the mountain!

Happy treasure hunting!


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