Back Stage

The high school students at our church put on a BIG theatrical production every summer as a gift to the community.

These musicals are incredible! They feature a wonderful orchestra, fabulous sets, incredible costumes, over fifty high-caliber actors and the best technology to support them!

Hundreds of hours of work go into the show before opening day:

Costumes are sewn:

Make-up artists are called in:


Sound techs ready the wireless microphones:


And special lighting is added to our sanctuary for the show:


Matt decided this year that rather than acting, he would be the Lighting Designer.

He planned out and installed the spot lights, the stage lighting, colored gels, and had the idea to rent strobe lights for one very important scene:

(Matt and I had so much fun going to the ShowTech Electronics rental place and renting these two big strobe lights, I just have to show them to you….repeat after me: ‘oooooh’ ‘ahhhhh’)


Here’s his lighting control booth all ready to go:

(Don’t those buttons and switches look fun? I wanted to play with them, but Matt wouldn’t let me…)


Well, I’ve left you a clue as to what musical we’re doing this year. Tune in tomorrow to see the show!

“There’s No Business Like Show Business.” Irving Berlin

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