Remind me…

Okay, can you all remind me about this in two years?

I was sitting in the high school parking lot waiting to pick up Matt when I saw this:


After a few minutes, I just had to walk over to check it out. I brought along my cell phone camera, so I could document it for you…


Seems that the young lady who owns the car was graduating that night and in honor of her very last day of high school, her older brothers had snuck down while she was in class and had FILLED her car with crumpled-up paper!!!!!


The brothers had thoughtfully left her a few trash bags for clean up. (I’m thinking her mom made them do that, don’t ya think?)

So that poor girl walked out after a tiring day of school to see that spectacular mess and then had to clean it all up….hee hee!


Anyway – it’s not my best photography, but I thought you might get as big a chuckle as I did!!

So, back to my original request — are you wondering why you need to remind me in two years about this dastardly deed???

So I can do this to Matt’s car when he graduates!!! Mu ha ha ha mu ha ha ha

“It is the ability to take a joke, not make one, that proves you have a sense of humor. ” ~Max Eastman

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