Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven

This absolutely wonderful book was our lastest book club assignment:


And here’s my assignment for you: I want you to go to the library right now and check out this sweet little book!

But don’t just take my word for it – read the back of the book:

Combining southern warmth with unabashed emotion and side-splitting hilarity, Fannie Flagg takes readers back to Elmwood Springs, Missouri, where the most unlikely and surprising experiences of a high-spirited octogenarian inspire a town to ponder the age-old question: Why are we here?

Life is the strangest thing. One minute, Mrs. Elner Shimfissle is up in her tree,{ME HERE– SEE WHY I PHOTOGRAPHED THE BOOK IN A TREE???} picking figs, and the next thing she knows, she is off on an adventure she never dreamed of, running into people she never in a million years expected to meet.

In this comedy-mystery, those near and dear to Elner discover something wonderful: Heaven is actually right here, right now, with people you love, neighbors you help, friendships you keep. Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven is proof once more that Fannie Flagg “was put on this earth to write” spinning tales as sweet and refreshing as iced tea on a summer day, with a little extra kick thrown in.

Okay – now I ask you don’t we all need a warm, fuzzy, feel-good book sometimes???

Of COURSE we do!

In addition to Lisa choosing that feel-good book for our group to read, she also made a feel-good lunch for our meeting!

*Remember we try to theme our book club snacks to fit the book? Well, Lisa did even better than that – she made the recipes that the characters prepared (the author kindly lists them in the back of the book!)

In addition to good ole southern fried chicken, we enjoyed

“Mrs. McWilliams’ Corn Bread”


“Louise Franks’ Deviled Eggs”


“Irene Goodnight’s Grean Bean Funeral Casserole”


and “Neighbor Dorothy’s Heavenly Caramel Cake.”


Let me tell you everything was DELISH! What a wonderful afternoon we spent, in the company of friends, talking about the book and enjoying that fabulous lunch! Thank you, Lisa!

“If I were to name the three most precious resources of life, I should say books, friends, and nature….” John Burroughs

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