A Paycheck!

Mark this down in the memory book, today I received my first paycheck for my photography “business.”

Okay – I don’t REALLY have a business, but I got a call from a pet product company to shoot some stock photos for them. (With the promise of $6.00 per picture.)

So my first check was for $24.00. Since it’s not enough money to buy a new camera gadget, I’m going to invest it in the stock market to grow (ya right…)

Here are a couple of the photos the company requested and then bought:

(Had to add that heavy black electrical cord to the lamp since we wanted to really emphasize that cord)


Any guesses as to what the company is planning to sell with those photos?

Well, lemme tell ya:

It’s called “Bitter Yuck.” If you spray it on a tempting item, your cat will avoid it. (I’m not a cat person, but apparently they adore chewing on electrical cords and playing with curtains and tassles…..?)

Check it out in a pet store near you!


“Never confuse the size of your paycheck with the size of your talent.” Marlon Brando

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