The North Shore

The North Shore of Oahu has been made famous by its massive waves; they are some of the largest, most imposing ocean waves on the planet!

The best pro surfers in the world take on the legendary waves of the Banzai Pipeline and Waimea Bay.

In the winter months, the waves are 25 to 50 feet high!

Now before you get too excited, remember I said WINTER MONTHS.

The rest of the year the waves are small and safe for even novices to surf. (That first picture was ‘borrowed’ and isn’t mine since all the big waves are long gone by now.)

By March, the beaches transform with gentle waves lapping the shoreline – making it ideal for fishing, swimming, and diving.


When you look at this next photo, does it look “Jurassic Park-ish” to you?

Well it should because many outdoor scenes from the Jurasic Park movies were filmed here on the North Shore.

If you look closely near the trees, I think you can see a velociraptor running down the hill???

Kidding…I think.


According to all the guide books, if you are in the North Shore you MUST have lunch at a shrimp farm.

So we did.

Honestly, it was the best shrimp I’ve ever had in my entire life.


This is where they farm the shrimp. (Fresh water ponds out behind the little roadside restaurant….talk about fresh, huh?)

Any idea what this is?


Let’s not all raise our hands at the same time now….

It’s a tsunami warning system ready to sound a siren if a tsunami is detected! (In Hawaii, tsunamis have accounted for more lost lives than the total of all other local disasters.)


North Shore Hawaii: Side trip in paradise

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