Luau Entertainment

(Today we’re continuing with part two of our Luau mini-series.)

We first witnessed the pageantry of the Royal Court Procession and the time-honored techniques of underground oven cooking at the Imu Ceremony.

Photobucket .


The evening continued with a feast that tastefully blended the best of traditional Hawaiian dishes, local favorites and continental cuisine.

Throughout the meal there were entertainers on stage and walking from table to table.

Pop-pop caught the eye of this gorgeous ‘wahine. ‘


Later she was on stage with a whole-lotta-shakin goin’ on….


All the little kids were invited to come up on stage to try their hand (or would that be hips?) at the hula.

Even in the rosy glow of a red spotlight they are adorable!

They had a little intermission while dessert was served, so I zipped over to photograph our gorgeous sunset…..

And just for the ladies, I’m adding one more shot for today.….ahem….

Tune in tomorrow to see more of the dancers!


Why don’t dogs make good hula dancers ? Because they have two left feet !

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