Hey Mom! Wait for me!


I’m challenging you right here and now to look at these first two photos and not say “awwww…”

Can you do it?


I didn’t think so!

I’m changing what I said two days ago. (and YES, I’m allowed to do that since I make ALL the rules around here…)

Meerkats are NOT the most adorable things in the whole zoo……

Baby elephants are!


This little guy is about a month old. (He weighed 226 pounds at birth!)

I found this video on youtube – it has ADORABLE footage of a wobbley little baby elephant- you have to see it! (And I promise you are going to say “awww…” at least 3 more times during the video)

And in the interest of fairness, this next shot is what I imagine to be a teenage elephant pouting and rolling his eyes over the attention given the baby… 😉


“Nature’s great masterpiece, an elephant – the only harmless great thing.”
John Donne


“I meant what I said and I said what I meant – An elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent!” Dr. Seuss

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