10 Health Habits…

10 Health Habits that will help you live to be 100!

Since I love all you guys so much, thought I would pass along these great tips to help you live long and prosper!

1. Don’t retire. Keep on moving and challenging yourself.

2. Consume whole foods. Avoid nutrient-lacking white foods (breads, flour, sugar) and go for all those colorful fruits and vegetables and dark whole-grain breads and cereals.


3.Eat a fiber-rich cereal for breakfast. This helps maintain stable blood sugar levels throughout the day

4. Move around. Exercise will improve your mood, mental acuity, balance, muscle mass, and bones.


5. Get at least six hours of sleep.

6. Floss every day. Daily flossing reduces the amount of bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria is thought to enter the bloodstream and trigger inflammation in the arteries, a major risk factor for heart disease.


7. Be less neurotic. Find good ways to manage your stress: Yoga, exercise, meditation, tai chi, or just deep breathing.

8. Cherish the body that’s on loan from God, which means no smoking, alcohol abuse, or overindulging in sweets.

9. Stay connected. Having regular social contacts with friends and loved ones is key to avoiding depression, which can lead to premature death.


10. Be a creature of habit. Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day will keep your body in steady equilibrium .

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