Well, after all the touring we’ve been doing, I’m gettin a little bit hungry. How about you?

I’ve made some reservations for us at the Oceanarium restaurant. As you can see, it’s a bit more elaborate than your average eatery!


We were happy to get a table right next to the aquarium. It was so peaceful to watch the fish swimming around while we enjoyed our meal….hmmm….I wonder how much it would cost to take out my kitchen window and put in an aquarium????

They offer an all you can eat seafood buffet.


The best part is that it was high quality food (don’t you hate it when buffets serve food that looks good, but ends up tasting lousy?)

How about shrimp, clam, scallop, calimari with pasta in garlic butter sauce? Cooked to order of course….

Just shrimp and pasta for me please….and yeah, squeeze on some of that melted butter!


Mike was all about the sushi!

Pop-pop enjoyed the oysters on the half shell…


Doesn’t this look amazing? Trust me, it tasted JUST as amazing as it looks!


Grammy and I enjoyed quite a few of these king crab legs.

and, of course we forgot about eating healthy and doused it liberally with melted butter!


We did save some room for dessert!

They had a chocolate fondue, cheesecakes, cookies and pies in addition to this beautiful cake tray.

In the interest of research tried to taste them all, but couldn’t quite make it.

They were amazingly delicious!


This giant aquarium, with a 280,000-gallon capacity, serves as the visual centerpiece for the restaurant. The structure rises three stories and boasts a population of more than 400 sea creatures. Several times a day, resident divers descend into the tank to feed the fish, and visitors are mesmerized by the spectacle. Among the inhabitants are stingrays and reef fish. The restaurant’s menu, ironically enough, boasts a variety of seafood.” Restaurant review from 10 Best Magazine

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