Is this just the cutest little doggy you’ve ever seen, or what?

Meet Bella…and her big brother, Peter. (He’s cute too, don’t ya think?)

Bella is a DIVA in fur!


Because she is a famous movie star!

Well, sorta.

Here’s the scoop.

Naturvet Corporation asked me to shoot pictures of Bella for a new pet product called Tear Stain Supplement. (This is an all natural product that will permanently get rid of tear staining on white dogs.)

Bella tested the product and will now be their spokes-doggy.


Peter has been taking his new-found fame in stride, but Bella has become a Doggy DIVA! She has been walking a bit taller and has been a bit more demanding to her fans and support staff.

(Kidding, of course, Bella is just as sweet as always! And if you ever buy her product, I bet she’ll autograph it for you!)

pl -vas or -ve a distinguished female; prima donna [Latin: a goddess]

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