Sweet Tangerine


“Sweet tangerine” (alright is it just me or did that make you think of the Neil Diamond song, “Sweet Caroline?” Seriously, are you with me here? )

Let’s all sing along…………..

(if you don’t remember all the words, here’s Neil Diamond to remind you- just click – and as long as no one’s watching, go ahead and substitute ‘Sweet Tangerine’) 😉

Okay, enough silliness, back to tangerines.

Don’t you think tangerines have the most wonderful fragrance in the world? I wish I could include a scratch and sniff along with this photo!

I’m lucky enough to have a whole basketful of those glorious tangerines sitting right on my kitchen counter, thanks to you-know-who (and I won’t tell you who gave them to me just to see if you were paying attention the first time I mentioned it a few days ago.) Alright… alright, if you need a hint see January 4th.

Keep singing,


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